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Stop the Repossession

If you are facing the repossession of your car or motor vehicle or mobile home

  • A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may enable you to discharge any remaining loan deficiency if you have to give up property that the creditor cannot auction for the full amount owed on the loan, or;

  • A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you additional choices. You may choose one of the following: - To surrender a vehicle or property that you no longer want or can no longer afford,

  • To get current on back payments, or

  • To pay off a lien by paying the lesser of the value of the vehicle or property or the full amount of the loan.

We can help you to decide what your rights under the Arizona Bankruptcy Code may be available if you are facing vehicle repossession. Don’t wait until it’s to late to stop the repossession. Call us today and get the information you need from one of our experienced Bankruptcy Attorney at an Initial Free Consultation.

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